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Pay yourself first and start yesterday!

There's no time like the present to get started. As a working woman, it is crucial to maximize the benefits of earning your own income and being in control of your own finances. 

As an Employee:    


Start your contributions to your retirement plan at work with at least a 10% contribution – and don’t second guess yourself. 


Employers today offer many work-location options. Work closely with HR and your accountant to take advantage of those qualified for tax benefits. 

Keeping your overall expenses below your net take-home pay will give you the freedom to manage positive cash flow towards accomplishing other goals, such as saving for a home purchase, paying off debt or taking that dream vacation. 


Working smart 

As an Employer:


Learn what plans are appropriate to set up for yourself only or with your employee access.


All too often business expenses are mixed with personal expenses - opening the door to serious financial consequences down the road. Avoid this pitfall by setting up separate accounts and tracking methods to manage expenses from business revenue and personal expenses from salary you'll pay yourself. 

Positive cash flow is the key to long term success. Managing your cash flow to a positive number will mean the difference between staying in business or not. 

At Women + Wealth Solutions, we aim to maximize your earnings by providing you with a platform to track your expenses, monitor your investments and forecast how life events may impact your financial well-being.

Let Women and Wealth Solutions help you achieve your financial goals.

Let Women + Wealth Solutions help you achieve your financial goals

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