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#Sustainable investing allows you the consumer and client to align investment decisions with personal belief. I have long felt that we are most powerful, after we exercise our right to vote in political life, is to take our dollars and purchase goods and services from companies that align with our personal values.

#Sustainable investing is about investing in progress and recognizing that companies solving world’s biggest challenges may be best positioned for growth. It’s about stopping the belief that what we’ve always done is best and instead it’s about pioneering better ways of doing business and creating the momentum to encourage more people to create a sustainable future.

For Women&Wealth Solutions it’s about the combination of traditional investment approaches with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights.


  • Demand for this has grown as a more diverse generation of young investors are seeking sustainable solutions for their investment needs.

  • We are seeing government policies prompting large institutions around the world to put capital towards sustainable solutions in their business dealings and public policies.

  • Improving quality and availability of ESG data is helping money managers identify better solutions previously unattainable.

As Women&Wealth Solutions has grown and evolved the process to align the business model with personal values and priorities by using ESG investing, has never been easier to act on. ESG issues can have real financial impact. To pursue competitive risk-adjusted returns, we should consider the full set of risks and opportunities facing a company, and that includes ESG issues.


Environmental, Social and Governance Factors:

  • E – Environmental

  • Climate Change

  • Pollution & Waste

  • Environmental Opportunities

  • Less exposure to environmental risk

  • S – Social

  • Human Capital

  • Product Liability

  • Social Opportunity

  • Attraction / Retention of skilled workers and customers

  • G - Governance

  • Corporate governance

  • Ethics

  • Corruption & Instability

  • Well-run company with high level risk controls

ESG analysis can provide an additional lens in to a company’s potential long-term value

Consider two companies that have similar financial characteristics ….

Which one looks like a better long-term investment after applying an ESG lens?

With adding an ESG lens to the investment model choices, Investors no longer need to choose between purpose and performance. We can align our personal values to the investment choices we make and by supporting these core values we may just be better equipped to make our planet a better place for all of us to enjoy a better life.

Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.(APFS) Member FINRA /SIPC. Investment Advisory Services offered through American Portfolios Advisors, Inc. (APA)an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Women & Wealth Solutions is not affiliated with APFS and APA. Women & Wealth Solutions is not affiliated with APFS and APA.

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