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Once Divorced – Four Scenarios you May Need to Deal With


Divorce is one of the most stressful, emotional events that can happen in a lifetime. It’s no wonder when it comes to the complexities of divorce, many women experience what some experts call the “big freeze.” It’s that feeling that makes you say, “I can’t deal with this now. I just need time.” And that’s understandable.

But there are certain situations when you will eventually HAVE to take control.

Here are four scenarios that you may need to deal with as soon as you are ready.

1. Managing Unfamiliar Assets

Divorce negotiations may leave you managing financial accounts you need to become more familiar with, such as investment accounts or a mortgage that may need refinancing, etc. It’s easy to put aside these longterm accounts while getting through the worst of the emotional turmoil, but it’s imperative you don’t ignore them. We can help you understand and manage these assets in a timely way.

2. Changing Your Estate Planning

It’s likely you wrote your will, designated your dependents’ guardians, and chose beneficiaries to your various accounts and policies together with your spouse. Post-divorce, your intentions may change, and you’ll need to update your documents accordingly. This may seem complicated (and sometimes it is), but for most retirement accounts and insurance policies, updating your beneficiaries takes only a few minutes. We can help you check your beneficiaries on file to see if yours needs changing.

3. Sorting Out Conflicting Advice

When you go through a divorce, it seems like everyone – family, friends, your lawyer – has strong opinions on what you should do, and sometimes those opinions conflict. If you need an objective opinion on which path(s) makes the best sense financially, call us.

4. Moving on Emotionally

No one would argue that divorce is emotional. A mental health professional can help you process what you’re going through and see the many opportunities in your future. Self-care during the stress of a divorce is essential, and working with a counselor or life coach can make a big difference for the better.

If you don’t know where to turn, give us a call for some professional recommendations. We’re here for you.


This material does not represent tax or legal advice; therefore, it is important to coordinate with your tax or legal advisor regarding your specific situation.


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