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Dreams CAN Come True

Several minivans served me for over two and a half decades to accommodate carpools and outings for a family of six. This practical vehicle was a much loved tool in my toolbox as a working mom during that hectic period of my life.

During that time, I often stated that my future car and possible reward for the hundreds of thousands of miles I drove, would be a convertible once my youngest child graduated college. With a year to go, I decided to preempt the graduation and instead of a convertible I bought myself a Polaris Slingshot. A toy to beat all toys and the only frivolous purchase of this size I ever made as an adult!!!

Now let’s make a few truths known:

As a financial planner you may have caught the planner in me who stated that when a certain goal is met, I’ll reward myself. As you can see, I had a goal in mind and quite a long way to getting it.

Over the years there were times when our cash flow did not allow for funding such a luxury, making its purchase even more far-fetched. As you may know, part of a proper plan includes goals that are hard to imagine, such as a young adult on her first job fully funding her 401k account to make retirement an option.

I too had a hard time believing back than that the purchase of such a toy was ever going to happen. In 2022 post the COVID experience we all shared in and realizing that my youngest may extend her studies to cover her Masters degree thereby postponing her graduation by one more year, I decided to revisit my plan and see if just maybe, the purchase could be made sooner rather than later.

I proceeded to review my cash flow, checked in on my net worth and followed it with a thorough review of the costs associated with both buying and maintaining this toy. Once all the numbers lined up, the purchase could go through.

Life is meant to be lived and when lived within or below ones means options make themselves known and lifestyle can be adjusted and made. Planning today for future goals brings those goals to life. Where we sometimes fall short is our lack of planning followed by the lack of patience to work at what is needed to make the goals come true as all too often we want instant gratification.

Life is not a one sprint race but rather a series of sprints that turn into a marathon. Setting a goal then working towards accomplishing that goal is what gives our life purpose and ultimately rewards us with FUN and JOY to savor and share.

Dream big and set goals, plan and work at them. And like me, I hope you realize that some dreams do come true.

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