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Why work with any financial advisor, when you can work with me?

To drive to DC from NYC one could drive in a Maserati or in a mini bus. Both will you get you there, but with a very different experience along the way.

What would make one option a better experience than the other? For starters, how many passengers would be joining you? How quickly would you want to get there? Will anyone be bringing luggage? Obviously, if you are traveling alone, or with one passenger for a quick get-away with an overnight bag, would be served very nicely by the Maserati. But if you were traveling with the entire family, along with the dog and a suitcase for each passenger, even the minibus may not provide you with the experience you need.

Clearly, the facts being shared will make all the difference in the decision made and will have a direct impact on the quality of the experience.

The financial planning process I employ for my clients is one of mapping out a road map to take us from the here and now, towards future goals and destinations. The facts the client shares with me are crucial in mapping their unique road map. By understanding their current financial reality and the facts we need to face, we will have a very clear starting point for the plan. Knowing and being able to account for one’s “numbers” starts with listing the assets, liabilities, incomes, and expenses that make up the current reality that is the launching pad for our journey together.

Goals, aspirations, and future responsibilities are the destinations we can plot out for the plan. Once these are identified, with target dates and estimated costs, the road map to getting there begins to take shape. Along the way, detours and unexpected bumps in the road will inevitably come up. Being flexible, realistic, and open to advice and suggested edits, will ensure the plan can be optimized towards success.

So why work with me? I can tell you that I am not a day-trader nor do I run a hedge fund. I’m not in it for the short haul, and if you aren’t either, then you’re in the right place. For those who work hard, wish to save wisely, and want and need someone with patience, perspective, and vision, then we need to talk further.

Traveling along the financial planning road doesn’t have to be hard or overly complicated. With facts in hand and goals identified, a road map can be set up to be as efficient and manageable as you’d like. Combined with an on-going guide and co-navigator, you will experience – and enjoy – a winning combination to get you as safely as possible from where you are to where you want to be.

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